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Changes to GA Medicaid for ABA services...

A few times a year, Georgia Medicaid updates their manual for ABA providers. A recent update has modified what assessments will be accepted. If your child was diagnosed under the age of three with ASD, he or she must be re-diagnosed every year until three. Then after three, they must be re-diagnosed every three years. This is very important information for parents as appointments with diagnostic physicians are already limited. Depending on your area, you may need to begin working on getting an appointment starting one year out from the "expiration" date of your current assessment. While people do not lose an ASD diagnosis as it is a life long condition, unfortunately, Medicaid is requiring re-diagnoses for some reason.

If you need help finding a doctor for an initial diagnosis or re-diagnosis, please refer to my previous blog post about local doctors in middle Georgia who diagnose. You may also call the office at 478-313-5093 for more help.


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