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Diagnosing providers

In 2014, Georgia passed insurance reform that required state funded plans to pay for ABA services for those diagnosed with ASD. It took a little while, but by 2017, Medicaid began paying for ABA. In 2019, Georgia's early intervention services, Babies Can't Wait, also began paying for ABA therapy for those with ASD. Up until this point, only Tricare, the federal insurance for military families, would pay for ABA. Now other insurance companies including Humana, Aetna, PeachState, Amerigroup, etc. are required by law to pay for ABA. However, that doesn't mean all insurance plans are required to pay for ABA. The important part is that the law requires "state funded plans" to pay for it. So if you work for the state government in some capacity, then your insurance should pay for it. Check with your insurance to see if they cover it.

However, to get to the insurance part, you have to have a diagnosis. There are very few people in Middle Georgia that can diagnose for insurance purposes (school psychologist, LCSW, and other master's degree level practitioners' assessments and diagnosis do not meet insurance standards). Georgia providers that can diagnose are:

Local to Middle GA:

  1. Dr. Bailey Goodman, Psy. D. and Dr. Kristin Wagner, Psy. D. at Moody Behavioral Health (

  2. Dr. Steven Wade ( aware that Dr. Wade is a pediatrician and only provides assessment and diagnosis for his patients. You can get a diagnosis if you are willing to make him your child's pediatrician. (Warner Robins: 478-923-3360, Perry: 478-923-3360)

  3. Dr. Delvita Long, Ph.D. at Rewire the Misfire ( She only sees 6 and above for diagnosis.

  4. Dr. Elizabeth Young, MD, Dr. Michael Johns, Psy. D., and Dr. Rachel Goodson, MD are located at Atrium Health in Macon. (

Outside the Middle GA area:

  1. Dr. Lesli Rubin, MD is a developmental Pediatrician located in Atlanta ( He also sees adults.

  2. Children's Autism Assessment Center in Atlanta.

  3. Dr. Christine Renaude is a psychologist is located in Thomasville, GA. 229-551-9300

  4. Magnolia Wellness & Psychology Services in Roswell, Georgia. They also assess for ADHD in addition to ASD. (

  5. Dr. Franciska Kocsner, Psy. D. ( She is located in Columbus.

  6. Dr. Jaclynn Kuchta, Ph.D. Her office is located in Savannah, GA at 413 W. Montgomery Cross Roads Ste. 302. Her phone number for appointments is 724-413-5052.

  7. Joye Psychology & Wellness. This office is located in Savannah, GA. They have several doctors who diagnose ASD as well as ADHD. P: 912-436-3736

  8. Dr. Audrey Courtney, Ph.D. Her office is located in Milledgeville, GA.

  9. Dr. Kevin Weis, Psy.D. He is located in Columbus, GA. Phone: 706-507-5444

  10. Dr. George Katsitadze, MD, Ph.D at Pediatric Partners of Gwinnett. You can reach his office at 770-923-6400 and their website at

  11. Diana Walther, Ph.D. 1421 Lee St. Brunswick, GA, 31520 Phone: 912-265-0007

  12. Comprehensive Psych Evals with Drs. Shirley Saar-McPherson and Linda Olson. They assess children and adults. They are located at 216 East 41st St. Savannah, GA 31401 Phone: 912-891-6261 website:

Online Evaluation:

As You Are. They diagnose 16 months to 10 years old. (

It is important to contact a diagnosing provider as soon as possible as they may have an extensive wait list. It is also a good idea to get on multiple wait lists. You will most likely have to wait months to get an appointment, unfortunately.


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