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IEE or Independent Educational Evaluation

Did you know that if you don't agree with your child's school about special education services that you can request an IEE (independent educational evaluation), and that the school must pay for it? It's true! It's important to know that there are some qualifications for the school to pay for the IEE.

Once your child has been evaluated by the school, the school will present you with a report and explain their determination on if your child qualifies for special education services. If they determine that your child does not qualify for services but you disagree, you have to right to ask for the school to pay for an IEE. You may have to explain to them why you think their evaluation was not appropriate. If they agree, they will pay for an IEE or perhaps agree to retesting.

If the school does not agree with you, they can file a due process complaint and the state will assign an officer to mediate. Both sides present their opinions, evaluations, and facts to the officer who will then decide if the school's evaluation is appropriate. If the officer decides the school's evaluation was appropriate, you can still get an IEE but you will have to pay for it. If the officer decides that the school's evaluation was not appropriate, then you are entitled to an IEE at the school's expense.

This step comes before any special education services are rendered or the IEP is determined. This step is when the school is conducting the initial evaluation to determine if your child qualifies for special education.

What supports your child gets in the IEP is a completely different process than the one described above. For more information or support during this process, call or email us. I'm happy to help.


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